• Coherent Technologies, Inc. is a technology company which exists to provide our employees with a secure, supportive and enjoyable environment within which they can grow, dream, and accomplish all that God has purposed for them.
  • To accomplish this, we provide exceptional value to our customers, whose trust and confidence in us make this possible.


  • We deliver outstanding value, using new technology, operating efficiency, wisdom and/or knowledge.
  • We help our clients make effective use of technology to benefit humanity.
  • We deal openly and honestly with our customers. We develop customer relationships based upon trust. We will not do anything that will jeopardize that trust.
  • We are a good neighbor in the business community. We respect not only our customers, but our suppliers - and even our competition. Our behavior must always be above reproach.
  • We invite God to be involved in every aspect of our business and its operation, since it is His anyway and we have just been entrusted with it for today.
  • We believe every employee has a God-given purpose, and we help him or her find that purpose and accomplish it.
  • We provide an enjoyable, secure, supportive work environment that encourages each person to grow to reach their full potential – as an individual, as a part of their family, as a member of their profession and as a contributor to their community.
  • By so doing, we believe God will honor us with a good return on our investment, an enjoyable place to work, the fun of continuous learning and growth, and a fruitful life.


  • We use technology to boost our productivity and quality.
  • We look for and nurture long term relationships, not one-time quick hits.
  • We strive to be the "safe choice" by maintaining a professional, disciplined, knowledgeable, skilled, experienced, honest workforce. We recognize that each employee is critical to attaining this goal.