Services overview

Technical Services

  • Control Systems - 1PLC, HMI & DCS for Batch and Continuous processes.
  • Information Technology - Historians & Database applications.
  • Proven Quality & Integrity - now in our 25th year of operation.
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  • Turnkey delivery of completed systems ready for operation. We handle the hardware, integration, staging, testing, and commissioning.
  • Teaming with design engineers, technology suppliers, maintenance, operations, and engineering
  • Staging of PLC, DCS and Historian / computer systems
  • Training to make operation and support as easy & simple as possible
  • Start-up and training to make it work in the field - where it really counts!

Maintenance Support & Training

  • Support on a routine and on-call basis for your system. We become familiar with your system, process and people for quick, effective support.
  • Training small doses over time lets the user absorb it, use it, and ask questions next time - proven very effective and economical!
  • PLC Audit surveying and creating a notebook for each PLC in your plant, everything to maintain & operate in one convenient location.

Technology Specialties

  • Bedrock Automation - Ultra-secure Distributed Control Systems.
  • Inductive Automation - Seamless merging of business and manufacturing data.
  • PPCL - N-Dimensional Geometry visualization and predictive control technologies.
  • Talon - Sonar measurement technologies, including interfaces and non-intrusive no nozzle shoot-through level measurement.

Other Services