Software Overview


Software Overview

Our software programmers and engineers, working in conjunction with our clients, provide exceptional software products and services to put information to work effectively as well as be maintainable for our clients.

Recognizing the growing need to manage ever more complex control systems to improve safely, quality and productivity, Coherent Technologies, Inc. created novel new techniques for identifying and presenting interactions within control and safety systems (e.g. PLC, DCS, Hybrid, 2oo3, etc.). These techniques have been awarded US Patent No. 6,529,781 and other patents pending.

These techniques can greatly improve the operation, maintenance, design and safety of both control systems and safety systems. They answer such complex questions as:

  1. What will be affected when I work on the feed flow transmitter?
  2. Why is the recycle pump turning itself off and not letting me restart?
  3. What are all the inputs, analog and digital, which can shutdown my compressor?
  4. What does the shutdown circuitry for all my pumps look like?
  5. What final control elements are affected by the main compressor's emergency shutdown logic?
These answers are critical to the safe, efficient operation and maintenance of automated manufacturing systems.

Our patented tools provide answers to these questions in a form useful for HazOp reviews, operational trouble-shooting, and maintenance checks.

Cloud Technologies


Web Technologies

Coherent Technologies, Inc. is your full service web and cloud system design partner. With our combination of front and back end expertise and follow-on services after deployment, we will leverage the web technologies that you need to create a solution customized for your needs.

We can take your project from conception through deployment, and our services don't end there. We offer hosting, maintenance and promotion services, and a warranty on the work we do.

We work with a wide range of customer types and we've learned to work the way our customers work. We can work with fixed price contracts, time and materials agreements, lump sum or multiphase contracts, and purchase orders. Think of us as the development company with the customer service orientation.

“Thank you for your dedicated efforts throughout this project (and future projects). We appreciate the quality, innovation and details from your engineering team, which is second to none. We enjoy working with your group and look forward to expanding our business with Coherent Technologies supporting us along the way.” - Pete, Advance Technology Solutions

For more information about our web services, please visit the Contact page or e-mail us at

Mobile Apps


Mobile Apps

In today's mobile world, smart phones and tablets have become ever-increasingly important. We have mobile system development experience, which allows us to implement custom solutions to fit your needs.  Both Android and Apple development is available.

Currently Available Generic Apps for Android: